Gwangjang, Seoul

Geordie Wood recently travelled to Seoul for a commission and, whilst there, photographed a series of local street portraits. 

True Journal

Marton Perlaki recently photographed a series of images for the latest issue of True Journal. Set in his hometown of Budapest, this series was captured between late 2015 and early 2016. 

WIRED Magazine | Google's AlphaGo

Geordie Wood covered AlphaGo, Google's AI computer program, playing a human master of the ancient Asian game Go in Seoul, South Korea.

The Telegraph

Jo Metson Scott documented behind the scenes of Frankenstein, the Royal Ballet’s latest original production, for The Telegraph.

Twin Magazine

Thomas Albdorf and Set Designer Georgina Pragnell collaborated for Issue 14 of Twin Magazine.

Twin Magazine

Jo Metson Scott shot Julia Banas for the new issue of Twin, styled by Anna Schiffel. 

True Journal

Victoire styled Juliette Binoche and collaborated with photographer Arnaud Lajeunie for the latest issue of True Journal.


Thomas Brown collaborated with stylist Anna Burns on a special project to celebrate Coach's 75th anniversary. The duo have taken the signature Coach logo and reimagined it through various media. These recreations will be released throughout the year.

Urban Outfitters x Wrangler

Magdalena Wosinska travelled to the deserts of California with Urban Outfitters to photograph their latest collaboration with Wrangler jeans. 

VSCO | Majid Jordan

Geordie Wood photographed R&B duo Majid Jordan for VSCO.

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