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Hella Keck Measure The Feeling, 2022


Opening on the 6th of October at Oddity Space in Paris, Measure the Feeling is an exhibition centred around the motif of the body and different suggestions as to its experience — to look, to be looked at, to feel, to be felt.

Still and motion imagery by photographers Benedict Brink, Clare Shilland and Marie Déhé enters into dialogue with one another and with the viewer, inviting contemplation, closeness and response.

In response to the photographic work, the poet Haydée Touitou has written a new poem and the artist Hella Keck has created a new textile-based installation and sculpture.

Keck’s work plays with a contrast of hard and soft, mirroring the tactility of Déhé’s work and the architectural lines in Brink’s video. Her sculpture is corporeal in colour and size allowing an imaginative evocation of what is left out of its bodily-ness.

Measure the Feeling, October 6th–23rd, Oddity, Paris
27 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris.

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