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Thomas Brown Volume of Light 07.03–10.04.16

Thomas Brown, Volume of Light


Volume of Light presents 469 images. Each is available for adoption. 

You are invited to adopt and assign a title to a chosen image via the website. Restricted only by 47 characters, the title and image selection forms the basis of a collaboration between image maker and the viewer. This link is permanent. 

The process examines notions of authorship, perception and the Adopter’s public relationship to the imagery. The submitted titles are wide ranging and provide a semantic transformation that is hard to ignore. Adopters have so far been prosaic, poetic or have avoided the objective and visual and dedicating the images to loved ones or in fact themselves. 

The book includes 170 of these given titles. It serves as a directory of the images and as a platform for further collaborations. Each copy includes a voucher to register a chosen image via the website, an exclusive signed and editioned (1 of 1 + 1ap) print will then be mailed directly globally at no extra charge. 

Adoption is open until the last one goes.