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Webber London

Webber London
18 Newman Street,
London W1T 1PE

+44 (0)20 7439 0678

Webber Gallery
18 Newman Street,
London W1T 1PE

Webber New York

Webber New York
Roulston House, Suite 292
124 9th Street

+1 212 343 7491


Webber New York | Agent

Salary: Upon Application

Start Date: Immediate


This position requires a dynamic, creative and passionate individual with industry experience. Artist relations, development and production are central to this role, applicants should have strong existing industry contacts. The role will involve working closely with Senior Agent/Producers and company Directors not only to execute exceptional artist management and shoot production but further develop our social initiatives that are in line with our broader philanthropic outlook.

WEBBER, founded in 2001, with offices in London, LA and New York, is about creation and collaboration – through our artists, our talented team, artistic integrity and promoting pioneering work. We offer unique and comprehensive 360-degree artist management and are looking to positively disrupt and expand our position within the US market.

Responsibilities (include but are not limited to):

  • Working closely with company Directors to maintain exceptional career management for all artists
  • Generating new business through new and established contacts
  • Managing artist and client relations respectfully and positively day-to-day
  • Ability to strategise and execute artist career management
  • Creating engaging and exciting marketing strategies
  • Budget management
  • Overseeing and approving European marketing strategy and targets inc PDF’s, Treatments etc


  • At least 5 years industry experience
  • Experienced and confident at creating new leads, negotiation and closing deals
  • Proven track record on how to market artist’s delivering global reputation and revenue growth
  • Strong industry global contacts
  • Knowledge and understanding of shoot production
  • Familiarity of standard rates and usages
  • Strong written and verbal skills
  • Keen interest photography, media and the arts
  • Personable and approachable with natural ability to develop strong relations with artists and clients
  • Able to prioritise effectively
  • Extremely organised and detail oriented
  • Enthusiastic and upbeat.

Theo Simpson, Map of Horizons


Theo Simpson
Black Smoker,
45 degree. 135 degree folded copper cases. steel mounted silver gelatin and chromogenic prints (diptych),
Theo Simpson
800 × 600 × 15mm, layered, painted, screen printed aluminium, steel panel, clear coat mounted on laser cut, pressed and painted steel chassis, unique
Theo Simpson
Intersect II,
various, 20mm round steel black bar, 20mm coupler, unique
Theo Simpson
Intersect I (notes),
280 × 208 × 10mm, typewritten notes mounted to aluminium, bonded in laser cut and pressed steel chassis,
Theo Simpson
Intersect I,
608 × 258 × 10mm, gelatine silver prints mounted to steel, bonded in laser cut and pressed steel chassis (diptych),
Theo Simpson
Map of horizons pt1 (seascapes),
710 × 280 × 10mm, gelatin silver prints mounted to steel, bonded in laser cut and pressed steel chassis,
Theo Simpson
Map of Horizons case and table,
422 × 348 × 15mm, four single colour offset prints, aluminium mounted photographs, archive material, typerwritten notes, model & fixings, ground, milled and tapped interlocking steel sidewalls, laser cut, countersunk and painted panels, M3 fixings
Theo Simpson
Folded copper cases containing chromogenic prints in diptychs,
Theo Simpson
Third shock,
656 × 517 × 4 - 22mm, strata of laser cut and painted steel, unique