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Robbie Lawrence, Long Walk Home

To mark the release of his fourth monograph, 'A Long Walk Home,' published by Stanley/Barker, Webber 939 is happy to host Robbie Lawrence's first solo exhibition in Los Angeles opening on Thursday, May 23rd.

Long Walk Home is a new double-volume book, by Scottish-born, London-based photographer Robbie Lawrence exploring the Highland Games.

Photographing both in the Scottish Highlands and in North America, Lawrence's exquisite photographs question the very notion of what it is to be from a place.

"We do not need to be born in a place – we do not even need to have seen it – to enter into its mythology, because myths are not historical. Myths are elective – not at the level of consciousness, not as an informed, self-aware choice, but as the expression of something more fundamental and, at the same time, more lyrical. History is what sets us in our place, binding us to social norms and conventions and limits; myths let us roam, they make space for the imagination, for re-invention, for a sense of belonging that is not conferred by a clan name, or a verified birth certificate – and by now, in much of the world, including Scotland, Scottishness is as much myth as it is history, which means that we must guard it carefully, retell it beautifully and, more than anything else, love it wisely." - John Burnside