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Jeremy Everett The Warm Parts 10.09–10.11.20

Jeremy Everett, The Warm Parts


Everett’s process-driven work explores the base materiality of photography. How the medium - essentially a momentary capture of a fragment of light - can be endlessly applied and reapplied, transfigured onto new surfaces, and redefined as a concept. Everett explores how images can live on their own accord - changing, developing, decaying or evolving beyond the artist’s control or original intention.

Presented as a highly experimental installation, The Warm Parts includes a variety of projects and unique pieces. Everett explores material changes through 'This is That', a large-scale frame of photosensitive paper which responds to the natural environs of the gallery space, altering as the changing light is refracted into the clean open spaces. The gallery skylight is employed as an organic 'projector' where works are exposed using only the sun, passing clouds and weather cycles to illuminate it.

Everett will also exhibit life size versions of his ‘buried pictures’, the images created by encasing found and archival photographs in the ground at sites in California, New York, Paris, and London. After leaving the images for sustained periods of time, they are then excavated from their resting place and re-photographed, imbuing the images with painterly details created by the internal rhythms of the earth beneath us.


Jeremy Everett is a highly experimental artist and photographer based between Los Angeles and Paris. His conceptual, process-driven works have been the subject of solo exhibitions internationally, including galleries in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Everett recently participated in a group show at the Contemporary Museum in Tenerife and has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and Vancouver Art Gallery. Everett’s practice has been extensively featured in publications and critical reviews including Phaidon, Cabinet Magazine, The New York Times, Flash Art, Modern Painters, ArtReview and L’officiel Art. He is a frequent contributor to PoP Magazine, Arena Homme+, Purple, Double, Another Magazine and M le Monde. The Warm Parts is his first solo exhibition in the UK. He is represented by Webber Represents and Webber Gallery.