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New York | Agent

Salary: Upon Application

Start Date: Immediate

At WEBBER we want to invite people who will grow with us as we expand our endeavours in the contemporary art and photo world, which is why this role relies on an individual that exercises genuine collaboration in the creative industry. Since artist relations, development and production are paramount, our agents are required to have strong existing industry relationships and awareness of the systemic changes necessary to creating pioneering work. You would be working with our Senior Agents/Producers and Company Directors to not only establish exceptional artist management and set production, but further develop our belief in empowering artists who challenge their respective mediums.

For details please contact:

London | Gallery Manager

Salary: Upon Application

Start Date: Immediate

Email CV and cover letter to:

WEBBER are seeking a dynamic, collaborative, creative individual to join the team as Gallery Manager, as the gallery expands operations in 2022.

Working with the Directors the role will guide and deliver an annual program of WEBBER’s exhibitions, talks, events and international fairs, manage sales and relationships with collectors, museums and curators and provide strategic support for our growing artist roster. 2022 will be an exciting year for WEBBER as it launches new Editions, explores US expansion and continues to develop its international partnerships with publishers, charities, and London’s diverse arts community. Role responsibilities would include:

  • Annual programming of exhibitions and events
  • Operational responsibility for the gallery premises and logistics, including gallery inventory
  • Sales management and prospection
  • Financial reporting and cost management
  • Artist development and representation, with a strong emphasis on international museums, publishers and cultural institutions
  • Management of WEBBER’s international fair presence
  • Marketing responsibility including management of the gallery’s digital platforms & social media
  • Press management and outreach
  • Event management
  • Identifying new talent

WEBBER are passionate about supporting artists and fostering positive change in the arts industry, and through a variety of partnerships we participate in a range of community and charity collaborations that complement our inclusivity objectives.

The ideal candidate will be someone who shares WEBBER’s ethos and interest in supporting a more accessible and democratic approach to the contemporary art and photo community. WEBBER is an equal opportunities employer and especially welcomes applications from underrepresented communities. You will have:

  • Approx 5 years’ experience across programming, artist management and sales
  • International network including collectors, curators, museums & publishers
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Strong curatorial eye for detail
  • Committed member of the photographic arts community
  • Interest in emerging and diverse talent


Mel Bles Islands 19.10–25.11.17

Mel Bles, Islands


Beginning as a simple exploration of images as two- dimensional objects, Mel Bles’ Islands, evolved into a rhythmic meditation on line, form, light and shape. The curves and crevices of bodies echo the rippling slopes of sand dunes, and close-up pro les steeped in shadow mirror the rolling drama of cloud formations arching across the sky. The continuous presence of lines thread the images in Islands together, painted purposefully across Bles’ nude models to trace their shapes and movements, subtly recalling the body and performance art of the 1970s. There are glimpses of gestures and hands, faces and expressions, but most often the people we see become mere bodies – sculptural gures enfolded into the images in the same way all other organic forms are, malleable matter to be used and reused. Eclipsing in and out of the shadows, these bodies appear as fragmented parts; islands of their own.

Journeying through an array of classical photographic tropes – light and dark, shadows and mirrors, the female nude, the still life and the landscape – Bles conflates each tradition she encounters into her own process, and transforms it. With a belief that an image can be graphic without being ‘hard’, she makes images that probe how to imbue a photograph with intimacy and softness – studies on femininity and form away from any sexual or romantic connotations.

While some images maintain a stark photographic clarity in what the artist calls their ‘purest form’, others are fed through an intuitive process of alteration – revisited, reprinted, rephotographed on an iPhone, taken to a scanner, or upturned – and their surface textures are interrupted, stretched and warped in dreamlike and surreal ways.

An island is both the image of isolation and the stuff of fantasy too. Bles is our meandering narrator, figuring out how our bodies slot into the world around us, lone or entwined. Less personal and more geographic, Islands is an abstract mapping of land, the site of the body and the planes of photographic surfaces. Binding illusory glimpses of natural phenomena and the human form, Islands presents the first forays into Bles’ own quiet, earthly cosmology.