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In The Wake Of A Glow 23.11.22–13.01.23

, In The Wake Of A Glow


Observation takes place by means of light. A steady radiance articulates a figure. At once addressing a space and directing the gaze of the observer, light is employed as a conduit of meaning - a device that leaks and falls and permeates.

Discussing the exhibition and the spatial orientation of the works, Edwards returns not only to the light within the images, but also to the shadows which trace disruptions in its movement. One immediately becomes subject to a series of occurrences: the slow pull of a shadow, the morning sun, the spill of a flickering bulb, the rash idiosyncrasies of a light that has no regard for the time of day. Here, night and day are no longer juxtaposed; night leaks into the day and vice versa; one becomes aware of light, and only light.