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Senior Agent (London)

Salary: Upon Application

Start Date: Immediate


This position is for an engaging individual with strong management skills and extensive industry knowledge. The ideal candidate is someone who maintains a calm, energetic and effective manner who actively seeks new business opportunities.

Applicants must have at least 5 years industry experience including team management, be personable and approachable, strong industry contacts in both fashion, commercial and international markets, keen interest in fashion and the arts.

The role will consist of, but not be limited to: Working closely with company Directors to maintain exceptional career management for all artists, drive new business growth, staff management, knowledge of standard rates, usages and production, artist development and strategy.


Chris Rhodes Hotel Mermaid Club 30.03–20.05.17

Chris Rhodes, Hotel Mermaid Club


Hotel Mermaid Club draws its focus on people and the ‘self-made landscapes’ they create. Although the human presence within a conventional portrait sense is non-existent, a figurative representation is systematically suggested through objects and colours.

Making obvious and extreme what otherwise goes unnoticed; the work unfolds as a ‘cabinet of curiosity’ instinctively collected across eight countries, from Europe to South America. Allowing for anthropological observation, the subtle differences and similarity between these countries are questioned. Stereotypes are undoubtedly challenged within depiction of these daily ornaments. With nostalgia these iconic references define the faded glamour of a trivial aesthetic.