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Black Lives Matter Auction
Robbie Lawrence, Mel Bles, Daniel Shea, Chris Rhodes, Jo Metson Scott, Thomas Albdorf, Marton Perlaki, Steve Harries, Thomas Brown, Laura Coulson, Magdalena Wosinska, Geordie Wood


Geordie Wood
Georgia, 2016
16×20", Signed archival pigment print, Edition of 3
Mel Bles
On Rhythms, 2019
28×38cm, Risograph portfolio of 10 prints, Edition of 50
Thomas Albdorf
Untitled (Focus) from "I Know I Will See What I Have Seen Before" ,
50×37.5cm, Pigment print on Baryta paper, unframed, Edition of 5
Magdalena Wosinska
AMEND (a collaboration with Chris Emile),
17×22", Archival pigment print, unframed, Edition of 6
Laura Coulson
Untitled, Cape Town, 2019
20×13cm, Archival pigment print, Edition of 6
Daniel Shea
Untitled I, 2016
40×50", Archival pigment print, unframed, Edition 2/2
Chris Rhodes
Untitled, Tennessee, 2019
10.2×15.2cm, Signed Gloss C-type print, unframed, Edition of 5
Marton Perlaki
Flamingos, 2018
47×60cm, unframed, Giclee print on fibre based paper, Edition of 6
Thomas Brown
F_153103_0504 Waves, from Volume of Light,, 2016
29.7×42cm, Signed giclee print, unframed,
Steve Harries
Studio Botanical, 2017
9×11cm, Polaroid, Unique
Jo Metson Scott
Untitled V, from Marrakesh, 2018
20×20", Signed archival pigment print, unframed, Edition of 5
Robbie Lawrence
Untitled , 2017
60×80cm, Archival pigment print, framed, Edition of 3